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Give the ultimate gift of beautiful antique jewelry, art, accents,lamps and lighting, but more than that, give something that's value is guaranteed to grow and be treasured for a lifetime - buy a Deco Daze Gift Card.

Gift cards are available in any denomination to suit your occasion and budget. We can mail the 'Gift Certificate' for you free of charge (regular air mail) with a special note from you.

We register the gift card number and send you a confirmation with all the details including the recipients name, value, confirm address details and provide the Gift Card No. Gift cards are not redeemable for cash and there is no expiry.

Gift certificates are perfect for:

- Wedding Anniversaries 
- Birthdays 
- Wedding Gifts 
- Housewarming 
- Showers 
- and more 

Here's how it works: 

1) Contact me through the automated 'contact' or directly decodaze@rogers.comi | 416-992-9958 for the amount that you wish to give 
2) Let me know if you'd like me to mail it to the recipient. If so, I will include a customized note from you to the recipient. Image #3 
3) Let me know if you'd like me to send you the file electronically with the coupon gift code and date for you to print. 
4) Gift certificates are valid for 12 months 

Gift Certificates include: 

1) Elegant Gift Card 
2) Matching Note Card 

The Deco Daze Gift Card is a postcard. Image #2 shows the back of the card which will include: 

1) Who the Deco Daze Gift Card comes from 
2) The amount of the gift 
3) The date of issue 
4) How to find the shop 
5) Contact information to register the gift card and discuss items in the shop 
6) Gift code # 

If an item is purchased higher than the Deco Daze Gift Card (including item and shipping) the individual will be billed the overage. If they purchase something for less then they will hold a balance for future purchases. Gift cards DO NOT have a cash value and CAN NOT be redeemed for cash.

When the recipient is ready to make their choice, they have to choose 'other' in the payment option and use their gift code # which I will have set up for your gift amount after your purchase.

The Deco Daze Gift Code will be cancelled immediately after a purchase is made.

Thank you for visiting my shop and I hope that you choose to give a special Deco Daze antique for your next gift giving occasion.

The Deco Diva