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By following a few simple and easy points, you will insure that your watch will be reliable for years to come.

1. By the nature of it's components, the watch is mechanical. It will not be as accurate as a quartz watch and it is not as tolerant under certain circumstances. You can reasonably expect that a mechanical watch MAY run +/- 5  minutes per day. Colder and warmer temperatures that may be experienced during shipping may affect the timekeeping temporarily upon arrival.

2. Please do not over wind or force your watch. Just wind it slowly until it is enough to get the watch started. If it is an automatic (rotor) type, or if manual, wind until you feel it stop. Do not force the watch past this point, as doing so will likely damage the mainspring or stem, both of which may be costly to fix.

3. Your watch will require periodic service to maintain it's optimum condition. A service includes a complete cleaning and oiling and should be performed at intervals of every 18 months, sooner if the watch will encounter dusty or damp environments regularly. Please be sure to use the services of a qualified service technician, experienced in the care and maintenance of mechanical watches.

4. Unlike quartz or battery operated watches, a severe jolt or dropping the watch may cause damage to the fine mechanisms inside. Please exercise the care afforded to any vintage or antique item.

5. There are replacements for most mercury based watch batteries and here is a great chart for all battery types:

By following these simple steps, you will be able to prolong the life of your vintage watch. Most of all, wear it and enjoy it.

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